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Fat Pat (born Patrick Lamont Hawkins, December 4, 1970 February 3, 1998) was a rapper from Houston, Texas and an original member of DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click. Also known as Mr. Fat Pat and P-A-T, he was most prolific in the mid-1990s alongside his brother Big Hawk and longtime friend Lil' Keke. Fat Pat was signed to Wreckshop Records. Pat met DJ Screw at a young age and they were the main people who organized the Click's early material. Big Hawk joined them after Pat encouraged him to join up.

On February 3rd, 1998, Fat Pat was shot dead after collecting an appearance fee from a promoter's apartment. He was found lying on the floor with his face down, suspected to be waiting for the man to arrive with his money. Two weeks later, his debut album, Ghetto Dreams, was released. He was the first member of the Screwed Up Click to die, followed by DJ Screw. He would also be considered a member of the 27 Club, due to his premature and tragic death. His album release party became a wake of sorts with rap artists such as Scarface, Willie D, Lil' Keke, DJ Screw, the Botany Boys, South Park Mexican, in attendance to pay their respects. Four months later, Wreckshop Records released his second album, Throwed In Tha Game, which featured the single Holla At 'Cha Later. Weeks later, DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click released their group's debut album, Screwed Up For Life. It has been said that Fat Pat would have been the first artist from the Screwed Up Click to go nationwide.

Fat Pat's brother, Big Hawk, was also shot dead on May 1, 2006, 8 years later. There are beliefs, that the money Pat was allegedly to receive from the promoter is what caused Big Hawk's drive by shooting death.

Fat Pat highly influenced fellow Houston rapper Paul Wall's life. Wall named his first born son William Patrick Hawkins in memory of his friend. The lines "Were 3rd coast born I mean were Texas raised" from Pat's song "3rd Coast", were used in Wall's hit song "They Don't Know", respectfully.

Fellow rapper, Trae featured Pat on his album Restless on the hit song "Swang". The song is considered to be a single by both performers and the word R.I.P. is listed next to Pat's name on the back of the album. Big Hawk was also featured in the song, and it was released shortly before his unexpected murder. Paul Wall and Lil' Keke appeared on the song's video.

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